Saturday, October 20, 2007

Freezer de-icing and Mopped Floor

Just have to show you my amazing accomplishment. This is a picture of my teeny weeny freezer. It is about waist high to a dwarf and has two shelves. You have to get down on the floor and lie on your stomach to see what you have in it. Defrosting it is the worse nightmare in the world, but it has to be done at least every two years because it gets so much ice in it and you have no room for two year old vegetables and other essentials. It also had ice caps trying to come out the door. Well, today was that day. The bottom tray that catches the dripping ice is about an inch high and runs over unless you are there every ten minutes or so to empty it. It is not possible to empty a shallow tray full of water without spilling half of it. At least it's not possible for me. Ice drips slowly, are you aware of that. I spent almost the entire day emptying the tray and mopping the floor. Emptying the tray and mopping the floor. Tonight I have a frost free freezer and a clean utility floor.
I knew you would be thrilled about it. I don't want to put the food back in it. I kind of like the empty look.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Old Age and Amnesia

Old age does strange things to your memory. I forgot to put on a coat today when I went to get my flu shot. I went to the Senior Center for the shot and the room was full of us oldies. We were sitting at tables waiting our turns and I overheard one old lady say to her friend "Now how did you happen to remember that, normally you can't remember anything". For some reason it cracked me up so I shared how I forgot to wear my coat and that sort of broke the ice. Everybody started telling the latest stupid thing they didn't remember. We were having a blast. Then they called number 41 and I had to go get my shot.