Saturday, March 22, 2008


I can't believe myself. At last I remembered my sign on name. I have been frustrated for a week with this blogger thingie. I was using a different email and it didn't match the one I signed up with. Duh.... I bet I remember the next time.

My paper boy forgot that he was suppose to leave a paper at my house yesterday morning. I don't know how long he has been leaving a paper here and one day he forgets? That just seems strange to me. I heard him go by and watched his tail lights go down the street. The day before the paper didn't come until 7 AM. So I called the paper office and complained. They delivered one and even had the paper carrier bring me one. He didn't forget me this morning. Sometimes if we learn things the hard way, we remember it better.

The weather is turning from winter into spring. That is a nice thing.

Now that I remember how to sign on I will writing in my blog more. Maybe.


Cora said...

Glad you figured it out! Did you change your email for the comments? I hope so otherwise my comment will not show. Good to have you back in bloggyland.


grandma l said...

No, I didn't change me email. I just finally found the one I had been using. Life gets confusing in Senior land. I wouldn't dare try to change it, I'd be sure to do something wrong and lose everything forever. Now, it tells me comments must be approved by the blog author. I had to approve your comment. Is that a new rule or is just my blog. Are they pickin on me?

Cora said...

You can change the options so that you do not have to approve the comments. It is in customize:settings:comments, there is you can change it to disable comment moderation. Let me know if you can't find it.

Lorrene said...

I finally found it, thanks for telling me how. Now I will not need to approve the message before it is published.