Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cool Glasses

I cannot began to tell you how happy I will be to get my other eye fixed. One eye has a new artificial lens which makes the vision perfect and the other eye still needs glasses. It's driving me nuts. If I want to read something, which happens very frequently, I put on the glasses and with the glasses made for bad eye sight in both eyes it makes for a very miserable reading experience. I now need to hold the reading material under my nose in order to make out what it says. To top that off I have to wear these dark glasses while outside. I didn't realize how gorgeous I looked in them until my 14 year old Grandson told me how cool my glasses were. I asked him if he would like to have them and he said, "you're kidding, can I really have them" ? I told him when the two weeks are over he is welcome to them.
I drew a picture of me so you can see what I look like in my cool glasses.
I had to squint one eye closed while drawing the picture so if it looks a little odd that might be why.