Saturday, January 24, 2009


One Summer Day They grew up !
Deena wasn't there that day so I cloned her picture in.
Laura and Katie are sisters and Emily, Molly and Cora are sisters.


Katie D said...

I really like those pictures!! :) I like the one from when we are little. I don't recall ever seeing it before. You just might want to fix the last sentence. It sounds like Deena, Laura and I are sisters rather than just Laura and I. :) Love you!

Grandma said...

I see what you mean. Sorry about that. I will fix it.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the photos..
they sure have grown..
Have a great Sunday..

Stephanie Frieze said...

Lovely grandhildren, Lorrane! I think for raising, boys are easier, but for grandchildren girls are pure fun. Yours look wonderful!

Jimh. said...

I am not saying you have ugly grand daughters, I just think the one in the red and white hat (in the first picture) and the second from the left (in the second) is the prettiest! The others are..."alright." I'm not playin' favorites...I just married that one. love ya Grandma!

Cora said...

Great pictures! I love the one when we were all little. Emily, Molly, Katie and Laura were so cute, What happened? just kidding

Raggedy Girl said...

So you can just divide by hair color. Wow it sure shows how time flies. What pretty girls.
Have a great Sunday,
Roberta Anne