Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hospital Woes

Today I go back to the doctor for a stitch removal ceremony. I am not too eager about going anywhere. I was told not to drive yet, so I have to hitchhike. I guess it’ll be easier than walking all the way over there. I am just so glad I am out of the hospital. Do you know they have a torture machine that the enemy would love to get their hands on. It registers your oxygen level and heart rate. When your oxygen level drops below 90 or so, it has a red light that comes on and it starts beeping really loud. Beep Beep Beep Beep. With my sleep Apnea my oxygen level drops when I go to sleep. I guess it’s designed that way on purpose so you will wake up and breath. I called the nurse every time it came on. She would come in and fiddle with it. The nurse didn't tell me it was supposed to beep, she kept trying to fix it. So I am still not sure if it was supposed to beep or what. I finally told the nurse that I thought the Dr. had said I could have a sleeping pill. She came back in two seconds flat with that sleeping pill. If she can’t fix the machine maybe she can at least get me shut up. It worked because I didn’t hear any beeping the rest of the night.