Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nothing Much

Two old men and a boy fishing
This was taken somewhere between here and Oklahoma
I'm pretty sure it wasn't taken in Oklahoma.

What an assortment of mail I receive. Everybody seems to be desperate to make more money these days. Just received my notice from the daily Newspaper and they jumped the rate’s up. I called and found out that I can discontinue the Sunday paper and pay the same as I have been paying. I can live without the Sunday paper. I may even cancel the Monday through Saturday. You can see the entire thing on the evening news.
I don’t know how I got on everybody’s mailing list. Two or more catalogs every week and I seldom order anything. Sometimes they even threaten me with a warning that this will be the last catalog I will receive if I do not place an order. They are just bluffing because I haven’t missed one yet. There is no shortage of ads for everything from A to Z.
I just paid off a credit card. I mean in full. That is a beautiful feeling. They are the jerks that were rude to me. One time I made my payment so early that they applied it to the past month instead of the month coming up. Then they charged me a $39.00 for a late payment because they had applied the payment to the wrong month. I blogged about it at the time. They did credit the $39.00 back to me, but they were rude so I doubled up my payments and got the sucker paid off. I don’t do business with people that are rude to me. Guess I showed them.
Nothing exciting going on. Just another boring Saturday.
Till next time