Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nothing Much

Two old men and a boy fishing
This was taken somewhere between here and Oklahoma
I'm pretty sure it wasn't taken in Oklahoma.

What an assortment of mail I receive. Everybody seems to be desperate to make more money these days. Just received my notice from the daily Newspaper and they jumped the rate’s up. I called and found out that I can discontinue the Sunday paper and pay the same as I have been paying. I can live without the Sunday paper. I may even cancel the Monday through Saturday. You can see the entire thing on the evening news.
I don’t know how I got on everybody’s mailing list. Two or more catalogs every week and I seldom order anything. Sometimes they even threaten me with a warning that this will be the last catalog I will receive if I do not place an order. They are just bluffing because I haven’t missed one yet. There is no shortage of ads for everything from A to Z.
I just paid off a credit card. I mean in full. That is a beautiful feeling. They are the jerks that were rude to me. One time I made my payment so early that they applied it to the past month instead of the month coming up. Then they charged me a $39.00 for a late payment because they had applied the payment to the wrong month. I blogged about it at the time. They did credit the $39.00 back to me, but they were rude so I doubled up my payments and got the sucker paid off. I don’t do business with people that are rude to me. Guess I showed them.
Nothing exciting going on. Just another boring Saturday.
Till next time


Stephanie Frieze said...

Congratulations on the credit card, Lorrane! I paid mine off in January as part of my new program of watching the pennies. I still use it for things like the autopayment for the YMCA, but pay it off every month so there's not extra charges.

We get tons of catalogs, but my mother is the queen of that sphere. Most of them end up in the recycle before I ever leave the post office.

Jimh. said...

Grandma, you never failed to make me laugh! Thanks for the smiles!

Cora said...

hey the boys went fishing and forgot the lake.

Okie said...

That picture was taken at Snoqualmie,Wa that is Mount Si.I took it from there north side of town, I think that was where we where at the time. We have rolling hills in oklahoma thats what someone told me that was from Washington one time.

Grandma L said...

Oh come on, those hills didn't roll that far.

Okie said...

Oh, if you will look three pictures before that ,there is Dar, me, Jess,and Hollis and the next picture after Mount Si is Hollis in his front room,I don't think I came running home to take that picture in between them.Ha Ha