Sunday, July 19, 2009


Laura, Dennis, Katie
One day Daddy is reading the comics to them, and all of
a sudden they are all grown up.
Laura and Terry announce
their engagement !!

My granddaughter number six. I wish her and Terry much happiness.


Stephanie Frieze said...

I love family weddings. They are a wonderful reason for getting together.

Cora said...

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Jimh. said...

Cool! Is the wedding going to be on the Bridge? I hope so! Uncle Dennis is going to be in an orange vest directing traffic around the wedding party! The path to the preacher could be marked with traffic cones. Can you imagine the preacher yelling over the traffic and horns? I tell you it's an awesome idea! "I now pronounce you man and-HOONNNKKK!"

Grandma L said...

Oh my gosh! Don't give them any ideas. The proposal was on top of the bridge. That's enough doncha think.