Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fat Dumb and Broke

Today while I was out and about I stopped at Safeway for a few things. The clerk asked, "Do you want a Doughnut?" I am not the type to turn down anything that is free and especially if it’s a Doughnut so I immediately said, "Yes, thank you". On the way home I remembered the free Doughnut and thought it was my lucky day and I thought it strange they would be giving out free doughnuts. I couldn’t wait to get home to eat the doughnut so I broke the speed limit and took a short cut (Not really, I just made up that part). Anyway, when I started looking for the doughnut I couldn’t find it. So I decided I must have misunderstood her, but what could she have said that sounds like doughnut. So I said to myself, "Could she have said, Donate? So I looked at my receipt and I had donated one dollar to something. I hate to go into debt for a hearing aid, but I think it’s time. Where do you start? What kind of doctor do you call or are they going to make me start with my regular doctor so he can decide if I really need one. Anybody that is around me for five minutes can tell you that I need one. What kind of hearing aid is the best? I have a million questions and no money, but I’m good-looking.