Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Speed Bump

My life doesn’t seem to be moving very fast lately, I seem to be in a holding pattern. Yesterday it rained off and on most of the day. It sure freshened up everything and we needed it. I don’t feel like standing on my feet and trying to cook much of anything so I have been living on TV dinners. They leave a little something to be desired. The pictures look great, but the finished product usually doesn’t resemble the picture. Some of them have a thimble full of desert, which is very good. That is about all I can say for them.
Now that I am down about as low as I can get everything is wearing out and breaking. My vacuum cleaner burned out a bearing or something. My recliner has decided it only has one position, and it’s straight up. My over door handle fell off in my hand. It is unfixable. My kitchen TV is acting crazy. Sometimes it won’t come on until I unplug it and plug it in again. Or it has nothing but static and I need to unplug it again. What causes that? My cell phone is plugged in and charging next to it. Maybe it’s interfering with it somehow so I moved the phone. Could they be like people and they just don’t like each other for some reason? I was able to turn on the TV this morning without a problem. Nancy, my daughter-in-law said her printer and computer are not on speaking terms. They just won’t communicate with each other. What’s with these stupid appliances, are they trying to run the world? Maybe they need to put a chip in them that says, " You WILL get along with your neighbor".
This is it for now.