Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nervous Nellie Survives Once Again

This is a follow up on my eye problems. I had surgery a year ago to have cataract’s removed, and artificial lens was implanted in my eyes. This is a year later. After the cataracts were removed a membrane or film grew over the new artificial lens. I had to wait a year for it to be ready to be removed. The day arrived and I had the film removed from one eye and I will go back in a couple weeks to have the other eye taken care of. Before the surgery the nurse took my blood pressure and checked my pulse and oxygen level. My blood pressure was 228 over 88.
I nearly fell off of the stool. I never had such high blood pressure in my life. "What’s that all about", I asked. She said, "He may want you to go to emergency". Then she asked if I was nervous about the surgery. I said, "Yes I’m worried because they said it would be laser surgery and I will not be sedated; what if I blink my eye while he is doing it"? "Will I end up with a big round hole in my eyelid". She said, "No, that isn’t going to happen."
She said he would be right in and left the room. I waited and waited and waited, and my blood pressure may have peaked around 500 because I thought I could be having a stroke and they are just going to ignore me until the cows come home. I forgot all about the hole in the eyelid because I now had something really serious to worry about. I don’t want to have a stroke.

The surgeon finally came strolling in like it was just another boring day with the laser gun. He didn’t mention the blood pressure so I didn’t either, because I wanted to get the surgery over with before I had the stroke.
It was very simple, the first thing he did was place an object in my eye. I don’t know what it was, but I think it prevented the laser from doing what it was not supposed to do. All you do is set your chin on the chin thing and stare at a red light and the surgeon operates the laser gun or whatever it’s called and he zaps around the iris of the eye and removes it. Anyway that is what I felt like he was doing. The nurse had already dilated my eye that was having the procedure, and put in numbing drops.
I tried my very best not to blink. Anyway, he said it’s all done and you will not be able to see anything with that eye for a few minutes. I asked him about my blood pressure and he had not heard anything about it. He suggested I go home and call my primary doctor about it. I drove straight to my primary doctor’s office and they took the blood pressure and it was 144 over 72. That is the normal for me. I still don’t know why my blood pressure was sky high and went down to normal so soon. Maybe their blood pressure apparatus was out of order. I was totally blind in the eye for about five minutes. Of course the reading problem is worse than ever until I get the other eye fixed.