Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aveeno to the Rescue

If your hair begins to fall out you might want to consider what kind of shampoo you use. It happened to me so I switched to Aveeno shampoo with nourish+moisturize. That was the name on the bottle. After about three weeks my hair stopped falling out and looks 100% better. I am so happy I want to tell everybody about it. I am not getting one dime for this endorsement. I am so impressed with this shampoo. I had almost accepted the loss of hair as another thing that goes with old age. It isn’t bad enough you have to lose your teeth and hearing and all those other things too numerous to mention now I am going to have to go around bald headed. My hair was damaged from the shampoo I had been using. Not all shampoos are made in heaven, but Alveeno is. You don’t have to go to heaven to buy it. Walmart and Target are a couple stores that carry it. I’m sure most stores carry it. I LOVE IT !!!