Saturday, January 16, 2010

Molly's Baby Shower

This is a picture of my Granddaughters, Molly and Emily.
It was a baby shower for Molly. The baby will make the fourth Great Grand child for me. We don't know if it's a boy or girl, but will find out in two or three weeks. The dolls she is holding are a couple of crocheted dolls I made of Molly and Paul. The Molly doll has red hair and a very pregnant tummy. We had a very good time with lots of laughs, conversation and some very yummy food. The four Grandmothers were at the party.


Stephanie Frieze said...

The thing I like about baby and wedding showers is that it brings women together to celebrate their gender and the wisdom that gets handed down from grandmothers and mothers. I don't particularly like the more recent tradition of including men. They are uncomfortable and seem out of place. They have their own rituals and I wouldn't like to be a part of them!

Congratulations on the coming baby. Having followed your blog for some time I know that he or she comes into a loving close family with a special matriarch!

Cora said...

Glad to hear you had a good time. I guess it did turn out OK.

Mike Starring said...

You have a great looking family. Can you imagine how much that baby will have to pay for cable/internet bundled services when he is our age? It feels like it goes up 50 dollars a year! ha ha. Congratulations on your growing and wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

They still look alike just the tummy's are a different size.

I think the little dolls are special, the one's you sent me looks just like Jess, his hat was great ,so was Jesse's.