Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Water Don't Run Up Hill Prayer

Water Doesn’t Run Uphill Prayer
I am a born again/saved Christian. The term means we believe God became a human being and came to earth to live as we do and was crucified for our sins.
One day I was at the Walmart and when I got back in my car to leave I remembered that the car had been having a problem. Sometimes it would start and sometimes it wouldn’t. With that thought in mind I said a short prayer. It went like this, "God, please let the car start." Then I turned the key on and it was deader than a doornail. So I called the Rescue Squad, which is my son, the mechanic. I had a long wait for the Rescue Squad to get there so I said another prayer. "God, why didn’t you let my car start?" He seemed to say to me, "I don’t make water run up hill." I had a lot of time to ponder what I felt was his answer. Water only runs down hill and it’s one of those God given laws, and he isn’t going to change it for you or me. You can pray til the cows come home and water is not going to run up hill. You can put it in a pipe and force it up a hill, but it’s not going to do it naturally. This is what God was saying, "The car is broken and you need to get it fixed ".
How many times do we say those, water don’t run up hill prayers. Then we think it must not have been God’s will. Maybe it was a "Water doesn't run up hill prayer". For those of you who care, there was a broken wire in one of the cables that connect to the battery. There was no way the car was going to start until the wires in the cable were repaired.
God is not our mechanic.