Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring has not Sprung

When I made a run to the grocery store this morning, I passed a baby orchard. I‘m not sure if the trees were cherry, apple, pear or peach, but they were small baby trees and they all had icicles hanging from their branches. They looked like decorated Christmas tree’s. They were very pretty, but it was sad because they thought it was spring and was budding out and Old man winter attacked them. I don’t know if they are big enough to produce much fruit or not. My granddaughter, Cora would probably know the answer to that one. She is a fruit authority. It was her major in school. You could say she has a fruit degree. She could probably even tell you what kind of tree’s they are.
If I was like Jim I would have had a camera with me and taken a picture to show you. I have a camera, but I forget to take it with me. As my mother always said, "If my head wasn’t fastened on, I’d lose it too."
Anyway, this is my feeble blog for the day.