Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have my Electric and Gas bill on the budget plan. It is averaged out and it just so happens that they both are the same identical amount, which is $59 a month. These bills are set up to come out of my bank on approximately the same day each month.

Somehow the gas bill kept moving up a day or so and last month it had moved up and was taken out two days before my payday. In fact I paid the gas bill two times in within 30 days. I was a tad bit irritated about it so I called the only number I could find. I got a recording that said, "I am away from my desk blah blah blah". I left my number and they never returned the call.

After about a week, I called them again, this time I got the option menu, which even had a number to speak to a representative. I was so ready to give them a piece of my mind about the bill being paid twice the same month and also their phone service. I think Mother Teresa answered the phone because she could not have been nicer. I was putty in her hands before it was over. She must have been trained to calm the savage beast because I pulled in my horns and we had a very nice conversation. She ended up lowering my bill to $50 a month.

Mother Teresa is now working for Cascade Natural Gas.


Cora said...

good to know there are still some nice people working for the utility companies. Great job on your bill getting lowered.

babbler said...

We have a very nice lady who works at our utility company here at the coast. So nice in fact, that I went in to the office just to see I had been talking to. Now I run into her everywhere, at the bank, at the store, at the beach. Funny how that stuff works.

By the way, I love your blog, I always like to fetch myself a cuppa tea before coming over to visit! It is a pleasure to read.

Love, Mrs. Slug

Grandma L said...

Mrs. Slug,
You are the nicest Slug I ever met.I love your whole slug family too.