Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On-line Nonsense

I mess around on the computer a lot because there is nothing else to do, and it takes very little energy, which I have a lack of. So one day I found this web site called "DateHookup.com". "Now that might be fun", I told myself. I used to have pen pals, women and men, from all over the country, they were around my age and we just sent emails to each other and passed the funny jokes around, but then they began to drop off like flies. They just up and died because at this age you might do that. This web site is free. Almost instantly after I wrote out my profile and entered my picture (shown above), I had a change of heart or my sound mind kicked in for a second. I decided to cancel the whole operation and took my picture out of it and thought I had totally backed out of the deal. Well, apparently NOT, because everyday I get another letter from DateHookup. Telling me that "WhataGuy or some other such stupid screen name wants to contact me. This is the profile I put in and I cannot believe anybody would take it seriously. It was just a joke. Get It? A JOKE.
This is the letter I posted and signed EulaNoodle. Now wouldn’t you think the name would be the first turn off.

I am 81 years old and would like to exchange emails. I want nothing more, nothing less. Quite frankly I just wanted to see who is out there searching for somebody, but you have to sign up and act real serious or they will not allow you to do any window shopping. I guess you can tell by my picture that I am not all that serious about this. Now they want me to describe who I am looking for. I am looking for somebody that can type at least 10 words a minute, somebody that can catch on to a joke within a half-hour or so. I don't care what age you are. At my age I'm lucky if anybody glances my way.

Now that I am in such high demand, I want to add a personal to Katie, my granddaughter. You know just in case she might be sort of wishing she could find a nice guy, and I'm not real sure that she is, but Katie you can join this place and tell them Eulanoodle sent you and I bet it won't take long til your dreamboat shows up.