Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Days are like that

You know it’s going to be a bad day when you get up and turn on your coffee pot and nothing happens. It spewed around and made the usual sounds so I wandered off and went back later to pour a cup and there was no water in the pot. The Coffee pot is not magic, it cannot make coffee unless there is water in the tank. I took the blame for that blunder. Then I go in to take a shower and find out the hot water heater has not been doing it’s job. After a short investigation I discovered the pilot light was not on. This happened about a month ago. Usually the pilot light only stops working every five years or so. Why did this happen again? Why didn’t I have the good sense to buy an electric water heater when I bought that thing? I tried to light it. You have to lie on the floor on your belly and take the cover off and then there is a second cover and I couldn’t get it off. I had looked up on Google how to turn on a pilot light and found excellent instructions on a video. I had my barbecue lighter and a flashlight and didn’t know if I would blow the house to kingdom come, but took a chance because I wanted some hot water. I had to give up. Now how do I get back up on my feet. The first thing that happened was a Charlie horse hit my leg. That didn’t feel good. I was able to reach a small stool nearby and with the aid of the stool I was finally able to get up off the floor. When you get my age everything has stopped working normally.
I have two sons. I called both and neither one was home. Where are they? They don’t go to church, so where are they? I knew Mel would be on a fishing trip, so I crossed him off the list. I finally reached Kenny. He had been up late and was sleeping late. He had not heard the phone. To shorten this tale of woe, Kenny came over and took the cover off the heater with one finger and had the thing lit in about 5 minutes.
I also learned from Google that the most common cause for pilot lights going out is a draft blows it out or it needs a new Thermocoupler. It also showed how to replace it.
That was my bad day.
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