Thursday, March 3, 2011

Utter Nonsense

Not much going on. Today I had the mammogram. When I checked in she asked for my ID. Would somebody impersonate me to get a mammogram. Of all things !!! I know, I know. I couldn't care less if they look at my ID. Just so they don't pat me down looking for weapons or bombs. I leave those in the car. JUST KIDDING. When you make a remark like that you might find the bomb squad knocking on your door.

I texted my Grandson today to let him know I would be gone and not to come over. He answered "Wat?"
So I sent  it again, "Don't come by at noon today because I am not going to be home." He answered, "Who is this?"  I forgot to sign my name. He didn't think Grandma would know how to do something so modern and complex as sending a text message. I had to send one more text that said. "Grandma Minnie".
I once had a dog named Minnie and when he and his brother were little they identified which grandma they meant by calling me Grandma Minnie. My granddaughters called me ,the grandma that lives in the white house. That is a house painted white, not the real White House (as if I had to explain that) My goodness, you might think I'm the president's sister. I'm old enough to be his mother or maybe his grandmother. I'm feeling pretty old. 
I am so tired tonight, I went to the mammogram place, two grocery stores and the bank and I feel like I worked all day plowing up the back 40. I am not going to bed before 10 because if I do I will be ready to get up at three in the morning.  Four is bad enough.
Do not despair, Spring is on the way.