Monday, May 23, 2011



Do you remember when?
The noon meal was called dinner and the evening meal was called supper?
You went outside to the toilet and ate inside?
Folks sweetened their tea, but never added lemon to make it sour?
Brick of chili was a Saturday night treat, after a day spent in town?
Folks said: “I’m much obliged “ instead of “thank you?”
Seeing a picture show for a dime was delightful entertainment?
Red Christmas socks were hung near the Red Cedar Christmas tree?
Cardinals sang their melodies, perched above the snowy landscape?
The aroma of peanuts roasting in the oven excited the palate?
The handshake was a binding contract?
Eating snow ice cream was a winter treat?
Blue-bib overalls were considered fancy dress?
Horses, instead of tractors pulled wagons?
Piggly Wiggly was popular as Wal-Mart nowadays?
Western movies were shown at the Mecca and Camera theaters?
Every Saturday night at 11:30, previews were shown at the Aggie Theater?
The Glencoe cotton gin was like money in the bank?
Gene Autry did a show at the Campus Field House?
Where did I lay my glasses?

Written by Bill Boyd
Perkins, Okla  


Anonymous said...

I don't remember all of that,but a lot I do. I like the reminder of the older days it's good for the younger one to see and know about.
lov Sis

Kelly said...

Love it!

Cora said...

I remember when the video game controllers had cords and so did the telephones. Does that count? :)

Odie Langley said...

Yes I remember them all and it sure is fun to see them again.

Blue Ridge Mountains said...

I remember my Dad using a crank to start the car.
Ration books, two pairs of shoes a year hardly did it for a growing kid. Good thing we went barefoot most of the summer.