Tuesday, February 21, 2012

War on Ants

I have had an invasion of sugar ants. I have scrubbed everything from top to bottom and have ant traps all over the place and they still come and bring all their relatives. They found my dishwasher.
 I started half-way washing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Did that help? No, it did not. I am not going to wash my dishes with ants in there so I take the dishes out and run a cycle of hot water first. That gets rid of the little devils from the dishwasher, but they return. 
I think they are being resurrected from the dead. I tried a different brand of ant traps and no relief. If you can find the ant-highway, there is a product you can put on it so the little unsuspecting fools will take the bait back to mommy dearest and it is supposed to kill her off, and her whole clan. Well, dream on because I cannot find the highway or they can't find the bait. Where is the road map to the ant highway? It’s worse then getting rid of wild morning glory in your yard. Have you ever tried to get rid of that stuff? Nothing short of a nuclear bomb will do it. 
Why are all these pesky things picking on me. First it’s the rust streak in the toilet and now these ant creatures. Does anybody have a cheap anteater for sale? I think it’s time to sell the house and let it take over. I’m losing the war.