Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time is something to wait on.

Time for another hair cut. I went to a shop that is open on Sunday’s. I am cheap so I go to the one that doesn’t allow appointments. The in and out type. I know that my favorite stylist works on Sunday. I went at 9 because that is their usual opening time. They don’t open until 10 on Sunday’s.  I didn’t want to go back home so I decided to sit in the car and chew gum for an hour. With dentures, that will take your mind off the time. 
I waited and waited and about 9:30 or so one of the other employee’s shows up so I ask her if Debbie would be working today. Debbie works today, but she doesn’t come in until 11 AM. I had forgotten to take my Kindle. I had reminded myself several times to take the Kindle. I think my brain could use a couple new spark plugs, because I still forgot it. I came home and waited and waited. I now have shorter hair. 
That is how my day is going so far, how is your day?


Cora Huffman said...

I got a hair cut yesterday :) I am cheap too so I waited about 18 months since I got it cut last, I think it was time.

Odie Langley said...

I wait until it touches my ear and then I go and get a buz cut really close until the next time. Was kind of an overcast day so it was laid back mostly watching movies.

Jimh. said...

I got mine cut on Tuesday. My students asked, "Did you get a haircut?" They are masters of asking the obvious.