Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Day

It’s just another day in the life of a hermit. I wasn’t a hermit today, I had to get my six month shot. Next week I get my shot in the eyeball. I also get my every other week shot.  I feel like a pincushion. I like to gripe a lot, but if it weren’t for these shots I would be in sad shape. I would be too tired to move out of my tracks, and probably have a broken bone by now and unable to see. Blind, weary and in a cast. I think I like the shots better. Getting old isn’t much fun. The alternative is even less exciting. 
Today the Shot/Bone doctor was amazed at my 41-pound weight loss. I was too because when they weighed me six months ago, I didn’t look at the read out because I didn’t want to know. I weighed more than I thought I did. All the doctors are shocked at the weight loss and act like they think I’m the only person that ever lost any weight. I tell them I’ve been dieting. They don’t settle for that, they want to know what I eat. 
We had a sad event happen this week. We lost one of our family dog's, Sadie. She lived for 14 years so she had a long happy life.
She belonged to my granddaughter and her son's. The great grandson's dog. 
Here are a couple pictures taken a few years ago. 
This is me and Sadie is on my lap. She loved me and I loved her. She thought she was my baby. 

We are smiling for the camera.