Sunday, June 10, 2012


Nothing much going on so I will show pictures of the boys. Time marches on and so do they. 

Tylor, I don't know where the cat came from or who it belongs to. 

Dylan and his new hair style

Tylor and Dylan  a few years ago.  It must have been a few years, note the old
phone with the rotary dial. The younger generation is saying, "What is a rotary dial?"

This is AJ, the oldest Great Grand, and the dog is Izzy. 


Stephanie Frieze said...

Thanks for pointing out the phone. My in-laws kept their identical phone until they sold the house they raised the boys in about 10 years ago. I heard someone on the radio talk about "how long" it took to dial a number that way, but that it gave you a chance to think of what you were going to say. I don't think it took that long. For heaven's sake people are in a hurry these days if they think dialing a phone takes a long time!

Lorrene said...

I moved here in the early 90's. The phone was already an antique. I remember us laughing about the old phone.