Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life is like a beat up mailbox

It’s been one of those nights, been awake since 2:45.  I may as well get up and pretend it’s time to rise.  Of course this always happens when I have an early morning appointment.  I think it’s called Murphy’s Law.
Since I’m on the subject of time, I have noticed many people don’t wear watches anymore. My watch stopped working a few weeks ago, and I have not replaced it yet.  When I was getting my hair done I noticed they didn’t have a clock in their shop and none of the stylist’s had on a watch so I asked how the girls know when their shift is over since nobody wears a watch and they have no clock. She told me the clock is on the computer. Others use their phones for the time. Nobody wears the time on their arm anymore. I’m old fashioned. I’m still going to buy a watch. I’m getting tired of looking at my bare arm. Habits are hard to break. 
My goodness it’s now 4 o’clock, and time to get up. In my case it’s time to go back to bed and try again. 
I even get emails at this hour. From an insurance company, don’t they ever sleep?
My mail box has taken another beating. Yesterday I noticed it has a big dent on the other side of it. What is with people, why do they want to beat up someone’s mailbox?
This is all she wrote.