Friday, August 10, 2012

Stuff to Stuff Someplace

I was out and about this morning, and passed house after house having yard sales.  How did they get all that stuff in their house in the first place? It’s the great American pass-time. Have a yard sale or go to one.  
 Everybody and their uncle come to buy more “Stuff” to take home to their house. Tables piled up and over flowing with stuff. Everybody need more stuff to stuff in their nooks and crannies”. 

I’m having an ongoing pursuit for hot water.  The pilot light went out on the hot water heater numerous times. I am now awaiting the third visit from the heating and air conditioning business. I wish they had an Xray or a MRI machine that would detect what the problem is.  
I can’t go to a yard sale, I have to stay home and wait for the Heating and A/C business to come calling. No more stuff for me.