Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Wild West

Everything is running rather smoothly here in the wild West. We haven’t had a shoot-um-up lately; however our VFW club was robbed at gun point at 7AM when an employee came to work. 
Why don’t the thieves just get a job, they have to get up early anyway. Or they stay up all night so they can sneak around. We have a new high school being built and the hard working thieves sneaked in and stole tools and copper one night. 
That is about all that is happening around here. 
Just to have something to Blog about I will tell you about my brother, Ray. Ray can make a sound like a train whistle in the distance and he is good at it, very good. He once told me he was going someplace with a friend and the friend was driving so he turned his head so the friend wouldn’t notice and made his train whistle sound. The friend said, “did you hear that train whistle?“  Ray said, “Yeah, I heard it.” So I asked, “ did you tell him that it was you making the sound?“  Ray said, “no, but the train kept whistling until he caught on.“  I think of Ray everytime I hear a train whistle. 
Well, that’s it here in the blog world.