Saturday, October 12, 2013

Is It Time?

I have a defective memory so I jot down everything I think I will forget, but I have no organization system for my reminder notes.   I have notes written on everything. I find notes that make no sense. For instance I found this “only the hens will come” what am I referring to and why would I need my memory jolted?  Or is it the name of a book?
Sometimes it’s a recipe with no title. 1 gallon white vinegar. ½ cup salt, 1/3 TBSP dish soap (any brand). That’s it. What is it for?
I decided to make a folder in my documents for important reminders and other important information and I was trying to decide what to name it, and noticed I already had a folder named ‘Notes’ so I opened it to see what was in it. It had the following.

                 How to restore and save your home page
                Put the url in and press enter. Or find it in history.
                When you get it on the screen go to top left
                And look for tools. Click and find options. Click. 
                Choose General tab,
                 From there you can see what to do, if you can’t figure
                 it out, you are beyond help.
                     Sell computer. 

 I just called my son the other day to ask for the 100th time how to save the homepage.

Do you think it’s time to sell?

I can't remember.