Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Corrupt Years

Is this decade going to be known as ‘The Corrupt Years’ or is it going to continue to be even more corrupt.  Identify theft, if someone gets your Social Security number and other personal information, they can ruin your credit history in a very short while. It sometimes takes months or longer to straighten it out.

If a package is left by your front door, it very likely will be stolen if left there very long.

You can’t warm your car up in your driveway unless you lock it.

I even had my handicap plaque stolen out of my car twice. Think of how many are using plaques that are stolen. I make double sure I lock my car doors now.

Even if you leave your house locked when you leave, you may return to find someone has broken a window to get in, and stolen whatever they wanted. Shoplifting is another big one.  

Now the scariest one of all is the bank hackers that stole a billion dollars from banks. The article in the paper said it may still affect the consumers.  How can it get much worse? 

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Stephanie Frieze said...

When my mother still got out with others, she kept her handicapped placard in her bag--ready to go if she got a ride somewhere. She also used to ride the bus and had it stolen from her bag. We've been having a ton of mail theft in Gig Harbor, even the locked boxes have been getting pried open. That's why we got a PO box. My husband used to write checks for bills at night and put them in the mailbox in front of our house. Mail got stolen and checks washed and that was 20 years ago. This fall someone stole his bicycle and beer right out of the garage. We live in a semi-rural area, but now we live like we were in a big city--a fortress. Sad.