Friday, January 29, 2016

Some Family Photo's

Just some photo's of some of my favorite people.
(Also the cat)

Chloe and Dad (Jim)

Sassy LaMassy 

Grandma, Leah, Shelby,Chloe

Chloe and Cora

Chloe and Cora


 This is Hailey and Chloe

 Tyler and his happy mother, Emily

My latest Great Grandson. 
Tyler was born Jan 27,2016

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Keri said...

i'm so glad to read all these updates after so long away from your blog. I have been focusing on getting better ( Lyme Disease) so I havent been on blogger to write OR read in ages. But all your recent posts just made my night. Chloe has gotten so big. Amazing. <3