Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lose and Look

Cora(in Front) Nancy,Mel,Lorrene,Bud,Dennis, Karen

I've had these shingles since the middle of December.  I've  had two good days in a row, so I'm hopeful they will soon be gone for good.
I still had the pains last night. I can't sleep in a bed when I have the pain because the pain is worse, so I sleep in the recliner. I haven't had any pain so far this evening. 
I lost one of my key rings and it was the one with the car key on it. After turning the house up-side down looking for them I decided to go have another one made.
I had two made for good measure. That was yesterday. Today I had an appointment with the eye doctor. I try to wear decent clothes when I see a Dr. I don't know why because sometimes they make you take them off. Anyway to get to the point, I pulled a pair of decent pair of pants out of my closet and put them on, and I soon found the missing car ring in my pocket. Now I have a lifetime supply of car keys. Today I had my son take me to the eye doctor, and when we left there I  asked him to take me to the bank because I wanted some cash from the ATM machine. 
When I opened my wallet there was no ATM card to be found. I didn't panic because I lose everything and I thought it was in the house somewhere. We got home and Kenny asked me when was the last time I used it. I told him I used it at the window of Taco time. The little bells went off in my brain, so I told him to go look in my car. Sometimes I just put it on the car seat, and put it in my purse when I get home.
He looked in the car and there it was. 
That's the story of my life. It's called 'Lose and Look'.
I didn't make that myself. I borrowed it from the internet.