Friday, April 29, 2016

The Car That Wants To Be Buried.

I'm having popcorn and diet Pepsi for lunch; maybe it'll speed up my demise from this planet, which I am beginning to look forward to. I drive a 26-year-old slug bug. It's really a Plymouth voyager, but it acts like a slug bug. If it doesn't want to go anywhere, it spits out all it's antifreeze all over the garage floor. I just paid to have two hoses replaced and now it's doing it again. I was just going to go buy some food, but that can go on hold. So popcorn it'll be. Of course, I also have a medical appointment this afternoon. When I become rich I am going to have the food delivered to me on a silver platter, and the doctor can visit me. 

The Rich Get Richer

It's just my humble opinion, but everyone seems to be squawking about the minimum wage as to whether it should be raised or not. Why not? Everyone else gets a pay raise. Why should the poor uneducated or mentally handicapped person not deserve one? Everyone has to be trained for the job and once trained the undereducated can, in most cases, do it as well as anyone else. Why should the minimum wage stay the same forever and ever? In that case, they shouldn't be allowed to raise the price of anything forever.  I also think tips should be abolished and employers pay their employees for their service. So you make a little less money. It's part of running a business. The business owner gets richer and richer and his poor employees can't make enough to even live on. There is something wrong with that picture. 
Greed is not what makes the world go round, but it sure keeps the rich richer.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blog Fodder

Today I went to Walmart. I feel like I just ran the ten-mile marathon. There were no motorized carts available so I draped myself over a generic one and got it done. When it's time to leave I choose a line to stand in. They were all long so I just took a chance. It doesn't seem to matter which one I choose. It's always the one that gets delayed for some reason. Today the cash drawer got stuck. Everyone found a different line, but I had already put my groceries on the belt so I waited and waited. They should furnish lounge chairs for folks to wait in. Oh well, I guess that's what I get for going to Walmart instead of church.
I used the heater in the car when I left and the A/C when I came home. It's a good thing I didn't live in the horse and buggy days. I would have been the grouchiest person around. I have two medical appointments this week. Medical appointments are my social life.
Taken in Hawaii

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Living Proof

It's a good day because I slept really well. I gassed up the 26-year-old Tin-Lizzy and can you believe the nozzle would not go into the gas tank; something was blocking it. I tried and tried and tried and finally put the cap back on and closed the door. I decided if I start over maybe it'll work this time. Sometimes you just have to rely on magic if you want to get something done because that time it worked like a charm. By then the gas pump thought I was through messing around with it so it said, “Thank you for your service.” I had to run the card again. Well, since I had a tad bit of energy left I went to Walmart to pick up kitty litter for my feline. While there I thought I should pick up a few essentials such as candy, cat toy, coffee drink. I brought the cat toy home and put it on the floor and told Sassy it was her new toy. She stuck her nose in the air and walked right past it; didn't even sniff at it. It's a see-through ball big enough it won't roll under the couch and it has a dead mouse in it that should squeak, but it doesn't or maybe I just can't hear it.
I take advantage of my good days so I am doing laundry. I thought this would be a good day to wash my sheets so I did. When the sheets got dry I put the bottom one on and by then I had to rest a spell. When I went back to finish making the bed I couldn't find the top sheet. I looked in the bedroom because I was sure I got both out of the dryer. When I can't find something within fifteen minutes I am convinced someone stole it. Who the heck would sneak out of the house with a sheet. You just never know! Stranger things than that have happened. Well, the day moved on and I forgot about the missing sheet. Then the next batch of laundry was done so I got it out and took it to the bedroom. That was when I saw the missing sheet was on the bed. How could a sheet put itself on the bed. Hey, I'm living proof that it happened. Oh well, the memory goes. Everything else has already left. 
A very old photo of Dad, Mom, Me, Carol