Friday, June 17, 2016

A Cat Tale

My Name is Sassy LeMassy

I volunteered to foster a cat while her owner is recuperating from an illness.
The person passed away from her illness and I inherited a cat which I named Sassy LeMassy. I know very little about cats, but I am learning. She is a neat one, constantly grooming herself. She seems to be very happy except when I want to take a nap or at 4 AM. She lets me know that she is not going to accept that kind of behavior by clawing at my toes. She lets me do almost everything else as long as I stay awake while I’m doing it. If she doesn’t knock it off, she is going to have to move on. I now have a peeping Tom. A big gray cat sits on my outside window sill and stares at her.
It is now many months later and I have learned a lot about cats or maybe I should say 'this one'.
If I reject her offer to sit on my lap she thinks she is punishing me by taking a day-long nap. Little does she know I love it. Now I can knit in peace or browse the internet or read or whatever I want.
She can hear a car drive in the driveway and heads for her safe place under a bed. Sometimes late in the evening she makes a mad dash for a bedroom and it scares the bejibbers out of me. When coming to see me after dark call first because I do not open my door after dark because it might be the boogie-man.
When it's her dinner hour she never lets me forget it. I recognize my dinner hour as well. When I'm opening the can of food for her she winds herself around my legs. She never does it otherwise and I wish she would stop it.
They may be very short, but they know exactly what you're doing. You can't sneak too many things past a cat.
I have an attached garage with a door to the utility room. When I first got her
I accidentally closed the door to the garage not knowing she was out there. She must have been out there all of ten minutes before I realized it. She has not offered to go in the garage again from that day to this. What was ten minutes to me must have been ten days to her.
I have a fenced back yard and I let her go out there because she loves it. I know cats can climb over a fence or even a house if they want to, but she is pretty content with staying in the yard. One day recently she decided to go exploring and I thought I had lost her forever. She was gone for an hour and I was in tears and very upset with myself. Finally, she came strolling in the back door as though it was just another day at the park.