Sunday, November 27, 2016

Down With Clutter

My cat only knows one word, "meow". It has several meanings. Meow means I'm going to die if I don't eat soon. It also means I'm starving, " feed me meow (now)". Sometimes it means "I'm going to sit on you whether you like or not.
It is so lonely around here I wish I could teach her sign language. It would be useless to try to teach her. She would probably only learn how to sign "feed me".

I put on a brave front and went to Fred Meyers on a Sunday afternoon.
You would think it was the only store in town. Wall to wall people. The parking lot was just as bad. Kids, men, women and dogs. I'm not too sure they were service dogs, but it's not my problem. 
 Even the gas pumps were super busy. The main reason I went there was because I wanted one of those copper frying pans which they carry. Aha! I'll bet those people were also buying Copper pans.
I found the few grocery items I wanted and let the dust settle behind me.
I rushed home because it gets dark around four in the afternoon. I cannot drive after dark, and I will not drive after dark.
Sunday is almost over I am pleased to say. 
The copper pan works just like they say. My son and wife were here yesterday and they said they have one and like it very much. They had a discussion that if she buys a new anything she has to throw away something. She was so proud because she threw away two old frying pans. I'm going to try to do that as well. Down with clutter. It's more like out with useless items no matter how much you think you might need it someday. Someday never comes.
I hope they don't mind if I 
advertise their book !!

Monday, November 14, 2016


When I was young wrinkles was the enemy. We lived in an old farm house without electricity, but those wrinkles had to go. Wash day was a living nightmare, but I won't get into that now. The next day was Ironing day. It was wrinkle removable day and it was an all day affair. What would people think if you showed up at church or anywhere with a wrinkle in your garment. The good people in China started this obsession. Without electricity you had to heat the iron on your cooking range. There would be four or five irons heating on the stove top. One detachable handle would be attached to an iron and the garment would have the creases pressed out and when the iron cooled it would be returned to the stove and another iron would be attached to the handle and the beat goes on. Don't forget to add a little more wood to the fire. It doesn't matter if it's a 100 degrees already because those wrinkles have to go.
When Sunday came you could put on your wrinkle free garment and strut off to church. Your soul may have had a wrinkle or two, but not your garment.
I wish I could iron my face.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ramblings and Pictures

 I'm in training. Training myself to stay awake until 10 PM at least.
I have a busy life, busy crocheting or reading. I have my four walls pretty much memorized. I don't have any flowers on my walls to count. Chris (DIL) and I have been looking at apartments in assisted living apartments for the aged, semi-disabled, disgruntled and overbearing. We have found that they will set you up for a tour and lunch. It's right up our alley. We have found some of the best eating we've had in a long time. Some of the apartments are out of my reach by a thousand dollars, but the food is great. The other day we had a fish basket with clams, oysters, shrimp and fries and cheese cake for dessert. Two of the residents sat at our table. We struck up a conversation with them and one of the ladies said her son owns the place. She was 92 and her rent is free.
I will include some random pictures.

This is Hailey (Great Granddaughter)

Hailey and Chloe (sisters)

Leah (She is now almost 7)

Jim and Hailey in China

A recent one of Jim and Hailey

Jim and Chloe

Paul and Molly (Parents of Leah and Shelby)



Shelby and Leah with cousin, Tyler