Monday, January 2, 2017

Another Day

The wind is blowing and the snow has fallen. It's still 24 degrees. I caught up on my sleep for another six months. Two times in a lifetime that has happened. I have sit so much my sitter has worn out. There must be something in life other than this, but where is it? The wrinkles are gaining on me. I looked in the mirror. I try not to do that, but sometimes it just happens.  The wrinkles are an accident. When the wrinkles come and the memory goes it's time to time to pull the plug. I already went on a sit-down strike. That's why my sitter is worn out.
I go to Facebook to see what others are doing. The folks on Facebook are in the same boat as I am. They have nothing better to do.
I have some beautiful grand kids. I'll bet my grand kids are prettier than yours. I'm not trying to start a grand kid war, they just are!
Here are a few pictures. See for yourself.


I'm waiting for my lunch.

Chloe and Hailey having fun.
The Huffmans

My name is Shelby
Shelby, Tyler and Leah