Thursday, March 21, 2019

Just Do It

Old age just appeared out of nowhere. I can't think, I can't remember what day it is or why I have a bank account. Today I couldn't sign into it. Just about drove me insane. It wouldn't accept my password. I finally had to call a bank employee. I'll bet he's still complaining about the dingy old woman he had to deal with today. Anyway, he blamed it on the recent update they had done. That was meant to make me feel better. It helped a little.

Earlier in the day I talked with a health coordinator my doctor had suggested.  I truly did enjoy talking with her. She impressed me with her knowledge of what makes us tick. It's water! I tell you it's plain old water. She said to get a large container with a straw and each morning fill it with ice and water and drink on it all morning. At lunch time fill it up again and drink it all. In the meantime stretch your arms and legs. Sit in a chair if your back hurts too much to walk. Lift your legs up and down and stretch your arms and legs. Do each thing ten times. She said to sit in my walker (with the seat) and use my legs to walk around the room. Guess what, my legs are not long enough.  
When you awaken in the morning, go to the bath room, and when you get back in bed lift each leg ten times and wave your arms around and stretch every muscle in your body. 
She said I will notice how much better I feel in two weeks. I guess it isn't too much to ask. She said drinking the water will improve my memory, help me lose weight. It will make the bowels work better. In other words she thinks I'm full of  it. Anyway water will make everything work better.
She also said when I use the bathroom and stand up, to keep squatting on the toilet for several times. Who would have ever thought of that one.
I'm going to do my very best. Wish me success.

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