Thursday, September 13, 2007


Blogging is suppose to be so easy that even your Grandmother can do it. Well, I am a Grandmother and it is driving me nuts. I went through the tour and read how you can drag and drop. OH, so simple. I decided to put a counter on my site. I found one and all it said about it was to copy the code and put it on your web site. I wanted it to go at the bottom of the page like everybody else has it. It went near the top of the site. If it's so easy to drag and drop why can't I drag it to the bottom of the page? That is what I asked myself a thousand times. I have even deleted it and put it back on and it never goes to the bottom. If any body with some knowledge about such things would tell me how to do it I would be forever grateful. Oh well, maybe not forever, but I would be grateful.