Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Medical Business

When you have a medical test done, and don't hear anything, don't assume everything was hunky dory. I had one done recently and after waiting for nearly a week I called the DR's office. She said they had not received it yet and would notify me when they did. I wait another week and didn't hear anything so I called the testing place and asked when they would be sending my report to the DR. She looked it up and it had been faxed to them the same day the test was done. I told her that the DR. had not received it. She said "I will fax DR. Roller another one". I asked "Who, is DR. Roller"? Now they have the correct DR. maybe I will hear, but if not my next call will be to the DR again.

If it isn't the paper boy it's the medical place. Why is everybody always picking on me?