Monday, March 24, 2008

Rocker Granny

Life just gets faster here in the fast lane.

I got my rocker/recliner up to 5 miles an hour today. The paper came on time and that's an amazing feat. At least it is for my paper carrier. I finished a blanket I have been working on. It's a blue baby blanket that I crocheted. I sell them on Ebay. I haven't listed it yet. I really like the looks of this one. I think I'll make about 4 of them and list them at the same time. I bought pink yarn today. I make different patterns.

It is almost my bed time, which is 9 pm. My get up time is 4 AM. No, I am not crazy. I just can't sleep any later and it doesn't matter what time I go to bed. So don't give me any advice about that.

At least I posted something.

Til next time.


Cora said...

Ok thrid times a charm, blogger ate my last 2 comments, hope they were yummy. The blankets are a good idea and they keep you busy. I need to list mine but I am a procrastinator. I have the opposite sleep problem I can't seem to get to sleep before 11 and I naturally wake up about 8. The problem is I need to get up earlier than that to get to work, Ugg.

grandma l said...

I'm taking a little break from that last blanket. I worked almost non-stop and almost burned myself out. I have the yarn on hand so I can start it anytime I want to.