Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blankety Blank Blank

This has been one of those days. To start with I only got about 15 minutes of sleep last night so I feel like a zombie. I had a one o’clock appointment for a bone density test at the hospital. After driving around in the parking lot for 20 minutes looking for a parking place it was almost one o’clock by the time I got in there. They did not have me in their records and besides they no longer do bone density tests and it probably was scheduled across the street at another medical building. She called and they had no record of me so she thought it might have been scheduled at the other hospital. She tried to call there to find out, but the wonderful modern phone systems we have these days was only taking messages. She couldn’t talk to anybody so I decided I had better get it in gear and get over there. So I do that and have to drive around the parking lot until some poor soul decides to leave so I can get into a parking space. It is now several minutes past my appointment. They at first couldn’t find me either, but finally decided I was on the list. When my DR’s office called to make the appointment for me, they forgot to fax the order so they had to call and get that. It took 45 minutes while I cooled my heels in the waiting room watching an old rerun of Home Improvement. The last test I had done was done at the other hospital, but never assume anything. I haven’t learned that yet. Well, finally they came and got me and escorted me to the dept. The nurse takes me into the room and notices a note somebody had left for her. It said, "machine out of order". She told me not to get upset yet because nobody had told her about it and maybe the note was left earlier and somebody forgot to remove it. I guess that is what happened because the machine was working and the test has been done. I will not know the results of it for one month because that is when I have an appointment with the doctor. I have osteoporosis and have been on a 2 year plan which is an injection that I give myself each day. It is suppose to rebuild lost bone. The name of it is Forteo. The two years are up this month and I am very anxious to find out if it helped.