Sunday, April 13, 2008

Have Another Candy Bar and Wait

The paper service goes from bad to badder. It didn't come until 10 this morning. Not that there is anything that exciting in it anyway, but I would like to get it so I can plow through all the ads and see who died. I called the office to see if they could give me an approximate time that I could expect it's arrival. I was told that the paper carrier could not be located. His papers had been picked up, but they had no clue where he was and the district manager was out looking for him. I wondered if he had been hi-jacked. Does that ever happen? Or maybe his girlfriend lives on the route and he stopped in for coffee. I have a feeling he might be looking for another job real soon. It sound's rather serious to have the district manager out looking for you. I don't think that ever happened to me.


Jimh. said...

Could be least you still have electricity and water.

I bet you would enjoy a vacation...I don't think we saw an ounce of news while we were in AZ!!

Cora said...

So did they ever find the paper carrier? The suspence is unbearable :0) I talked to some people at work and they seem to have the same problem around here. I guess that is why Jim and I don't get the paper we are happily clueless!! (but I do miss the ads)

grandma el said...

I have not heard a word and I am curious too, but I still have the same one. So he must have had a legitimate excuse because he didn't get fired. Now the paper comes much earlier. Shortly after 5.