Monday, April 7, 2008

Law Suit Coming Right Up

So I have something Im in danger of dying from. I have to wait in line to get help. If a person was in a burning building and called for help, would you be told "We are busy helping other customers we will help you as soon as we can". We are on vacation or we will let you know when we can do something. Don't call us, we'll call you. Click on the above link. Law Suit Coming Right Up.


Jimh. said...

Gosh, thats terrible! Maybe you can give them a timeline of when you plan to expire so they can work it into their busy schedule. I would hate for you to inconvenience the Dr., who, probably, charges so much that one needs an advanced education in calculus just to understanc the bill. Well,take some No Doze until he calls...whatever you do don't fall asleep...hmmm, that sounds familiar...oh, yeah, isn't that from the horror movie Elm Street? :-)

Jimh. said...

Maybe it in't THAT serious??