Friday, April 25, 2008

Sleep Clinic Test

The sleep clinic is behind me. It was not too bad. I had to be there at 7:30. You cannot have any gel, mousse or hairspray in your hair. No makeup is allowed. I felt like I was going to an ugly contest. It turned out okay, only one outsider saw me and she was going to the same contest so we looked pretty much alike. I think I will be declared the winner. I was taken directly to my room, which was just like a very nice Hotel room.
Ann was my caretaker, tender, nurse, or whatever the title was. She fastened a million wires onto my head, chest, legs and anyplace else she could think of. They have a camera on you and a monitor. If you need anything during the night you just speak it out and she would hear it through the monitor. They gave me a sleeping pill, because the Dr had said I could have one if I wanted it and I wanted it. It helped, but I still woke up several times. Turning over in bed with three million wires attached to you is no easy task. I managed to do it several times. The last time I woke up, I asked the monitor what time it was and the answer was 4:35. I tried, but couldn’t go back to sleep. She can tell that I am not asleep so she came in and asked if I wanted to get up. I did, so she unhooked all the connections and I got dressed and came home. It was 6 AM and Minnie was waiting for me and seemed just fine. I stopped to get a coffee on the way home. I looked terrible, but coffee was more important than looks at that time of day.
That is about it and results will take a couple weeks. I can wait, I am learning how to do that.
The paper had not been delivered yet. It came about 6:30.