Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sleepless in the Northwest

Mercy mercy! I had a 2 o’clock appointment at the sleep clinic. I have never been there before so I went a few minutes early in case I had trouble finding it. I had no trouble recognizing the place. Several of the people in the waiting room were yawning, it was a dead give away. So I announce my arrival at the window. I was told to have a seat. "It’ll be just a minute, she said". As I walk away from the window I heard her add, "hopefully". I knew that was a bad omen, and it was. They came and got me right away and weighed me, heaven forbid if they failed to weigh you. Then she took me to the tiny little room with no windows and closed the door. They always close the door if they know it’s going to be awhile. The purpose for it is to prevent you from giving everybody that walks by the door the evil eye or fiery darts. My appointment that was supposed to take one hour took two hours. Most of it was spent in the tiny room all alone.
I now have an appointment to spend the night there. Not in the tiny little room, but in the testing lab. That will happen Thursday. I was asked a million questions and learned a lot about sleep apnea. The overnight test will show what type and how severe and what kind of treatment I will need.