Friday, April 4, 2008


I decided to call the doctor's office once more to see what happened to the phone call I was suppose to receive back in a few minutes. This time I complained that it had taken me 3 weeks just to find out the result of the test and now I need further testing. How long will it take? I was told that they set up an appointment with a sleep clinic for the 29th of May. Almost two months away. I let her know that I wasn't doing so well and could it be done any sooner. She said they had already asked for my name to be put on the list in case of a cancellation. My oxygen drops really low when I sleep. I breath too shallow I guess. It can be serious. People die in their sleep from it and I think I almost died one night because of it. Now Im afraid to sleep. I woke up last night before 2 AM and have not gone back to sleep since. I try, but I cannot sleep. I would hate to die from SID's. I know I'm not an infant, but isn't that what SIDS is. You stop breathing.
The DR that did my Colonoscopy discovered the problem during the procedure. He was concerned enough he went ahead and notified my regular doctor. Somebody ordered the test and from there on out it has been a confusing mess.


Jimh. said...

I think in your case, given your advanced age for an infant, you should be pleased that your type of SIDS ACTUALLY stands for SLOW Infant Death Syndrome. Although you may have SGDS: Sudden Geriatric Death Syndrome...but, then, I am not a Doctor...I won't charge you for this consultation.

Cora said...

That's insane, they should give you the machine to fix it and then figure out what it is. Dr.s are stupid. Take care, get some sleep, love Cora, have you tried sleeping in your chair?

grandma el said...

LOL!! Jim, you are something else. I was trying to come up with a new name for it, but couldn't think of anything. That would be Really slow Infant death. You can bill my insurance company if you want to.

I also thought they could at least talk to me and let me know if I really am at high risk or am I worried about nothing.