Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Waiting and Waiting

I am still waiting for an answer. I called the DR office again and they told me they were still waiting for the test. So I called the Testing place. They told me they had sent it a second time about a week ago and had also sent it again last night. I told her that the DR's office still had not received it. She said she would call them. She did and the girl from the DR's office called me back and said they had received the test and it was abnormal. I need further testing with another place and she was calling to make an appointment and would call me back in a few minutes. Today has already passed and I have not heard one word from her. The only call I had all day was a Telemarketer. That reminds me Chelsie Clinton called me the other night.


Cora said...

Hope you figure it out soon that is crazy. John McCain called me a couple months ago but he was so rude he would not let me get a word in edgewise :0)

grandma el said...

You know that was the way Chelsie was. We are now on a first name basis, but she still does all the talking.