Friday, May 23, 2008

Junk Mail

Junk mail should be abolished along with telemarketer’s. How many times does a bank think they need to offer you a credit card? If you haven’t responded after 15 years, wouldn’t you think they’d take a hint?
I get so much junk mail, I have thought about having a Dumpster set up by the mailbox. I don’t think the neighbors would appreciate it so I’ll just bring it in the house and put it in the trash so the Trash business can stay in business. We do such strange things. We water our grass so it’ll grow like crazy then we can pay somebody to cut it down. Not only do we pay somebody to cut it down we pay them to haul it off. I won't mention Spam at this time.


Jimh. said...

Too True!! I have, at times, abused the poor people who call my number. Seems deserved. I have a new post on:

Question is about the Exercise Coulee Crest, in April and May of 1963...military maneuver here in Yakima area, do you recall it?

Laura said...

Hey granny, ask mom what she has been doing about the credit card offers. She sends them right back to them in the envelope and postage they provide. I think she has fun with it! Crazy much like you, which only means I'm going to end up that way too...

grandma said...

Hi Jim,
I do vaugly remember something big going on out there. That must have been what it was.

You are a piece of work in yourself. Don't blame it on your Mom. LOL