Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sleep Apnea and Newspaper Miracle

I found the above picture to show you what the C-PAP looks like. The second sleep Apnea test is finished. I spent last night at the sleep clinic. I had a wonderful nurse that explained everything so well. She had me try three different types C_PAP. I like one that makes no noise at all. At least I couldn’t hear anything. It was comfortable, but I looked like a cross between a vacuum cleaner and a gas pump. I was restless all night, but that was from all the wires and the strange bed and room. Even at that I must have slept very well. I am still so relaxed I feel like a wet noodle. She said my test showed that I had been getting very little deep sleep and this gadget keeps you breathing properly so you can get into the deep sleep that is good for you.
I will be wearing it. Thank God for medical science.

Just want to let you know the paper problem has been solved. The paper has been coming early and I was afraid to brag about it too soon. It has been a couple weeks so I am thinking it might be here to stay.