Sunday, June 15, 2008

Beauty Shop Shopping

I finally found a beauty shop I like. Somebody told me its name should be the "Valley of the Blue Hairs" I don’t care. I like that beauty shop because the owner operator is 60 plus and so are the clients. I feel very comfortable there because they play ancient country music. Nobody talks 90 miles an hour. You can actually understand what they are saying. They don’t mumble under their breath. The operators don’t feel the need to keep up a constant running banter by asking all those stupid questions such as "How many grandkids do you have"? "What are you going to do for Mother’s day" or whatever the next coming holiday is. We talk about important stuff. Such as chin hairs and wiry eyebrows and how much fiber one should take. You can tell the operator how you want your hair cut and she says, "oh yes, I remember that style". And she cuts it that way.
It is amazing.