Thursday, June 12, 2008

Old am I

I am going to be old in a couple months. Like 80 years old. I can already tell you what it’s like. I am so old that temptation never comes around me anymore. Opportunity ! What’s that? I will never climb Mount Rainier. I do well to climb into bed , much less climb a mountain. I wasn’t sure I would still be here in time to spend my stimulus pay, but it came and went. I spent it on house insurance. I wonder if it will stimulate the economy.
I still buy green bananas, but after August 24th I may stop taking chances like that.


Cora said...

Well what ever you do stay away from the Killer Tomatos. I will never climb Mt Rainier either, for all I know I won't even see Mt. St. Helens, it is always bad weather when I go and yo can't see the crater it is a curse. Someday I am going to surprise it and show up on a sunny day, Wah Ha Ha Ha.

Jimh. said...

Well, you made it to the summit of Manashtash! Albeit, by auto...Cora's auto. At least you know where to get some decent potato salad.