Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Semi Long Wait

My appointment went okay with the Sleep doctor. I was taken to the little room with no windows and the closed door and I sat on my hands for 40 minutes. Finally he came in. The C-PAP that is used for sleep Apnea makes my sleeping worse and he wants to get my sleeplessness solved first. When I can start sleeping okay then I will need to be on the C-PAP because I guess it’s important to breathe while you’re asleep. Imagine that!! He put me on Doxepin. It’s for depression. The first night I woke up every hour, but went back to sleep. I did that the second night as well, but finally went to sleep at 2 and didn’t wake up until 5. I think it’s going to work, but it’s a little soon to tell. Is the cure that simple after all these years of complaining to the doctor’s about my inability to sleep?
I didn’t think I was depressed and I guess it doesn’t matter if it helps you sleep.
I will go back in 3 months. When I set up the appointment I asked the girl if I could have the first appointment of the day. She looked up at me and said "are you thinking he will be running on time if you are first"? I said, "exactly". She said, "no way, why don’t you make the appointment just before lunch and he will be hungry and you won’t have to wait as long". My appointment is at 11:30.
I hate waiting for anything. Just hate it………………